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Yago (formerly known as Yago, pasión y venganza) is a Mexican telenovela produced for Televisa.It may be considered a spin-off (drastically changed on the French novel, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas,and is also a remake of the Turkish series, Ezel.The series stars Iván Sánchez as Yago, Gabriela de la Garza as Sara, Flavio Medina as Lucio and Pablo Valentín as Abel.

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Synopsis of the telenovela: Yago

Omar, a young man from Mexico City, is betrayed by his fiancée, Sara, and two close friends, in a failed robbery plot where he was framed as the perpetrator. After being unjustly imprisoned for 11 years and faking his death to escape during a prison riot, he undergoes plastic surgery to alter his appearance and plots revenge under his new identity, "Yago".

Quite different from Dumas' plot, Yago is not empowered by discovering a treasure on an island, but by a mafioso type gang lord who has a long running feud with another mafioso type. In a tale of violence, gore, with sadistic torture and murder; the story explores the blessing vs curse of vengeance, as opposed to forgiveness.



  • Title: Yago
  • Country: México
  • Year: 2016
  • Chapters: 65
  • Format: Xvid Dvd
  • Approximate: 8 Dvd
  • File size on harddisk: 30,7 GB
  • Subtitles: No

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