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Sangre de mi tierra is an American telenovela that premiered on Telemundo on 29 November 2017.The telenovela is an original story by Valentina Párraga, and produced by José Gerardo Guillén for Telemundo.It stars Ana Belena and Lambda García as main characters, along to Santiago Ramundo as main villain, with Miguel de Miguel, Antonio de la Vega, Carolina Gómez, Gloria Peralta, and Daniel Elbittar.

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Synopsis of the telenovela: Sangre de mi tierra

Crisanto Castañeda (Antonio de la Vega) and Natalia Martínez de Montiel (Carolina Gómez) are people from the land and the vineyards. For them, the grape, its cultivation, the elaboration of the musts and the quality of its wines is not a trade or a way of sustaining itself. It is a passion. A way of life. The only way to breathe and feel. This is the story that we are going to tell. Two intense and complicated families, Los Castañeda and Los Montiel, their encounters, their enmity, their loves, their hatreds and their intolerances, within the framework of the great passion they share: life.

Crisanto Castañeda came to Napa thirty years ago, from his native Michoacán, without a dime. After many years of hard work, he has conquered his world: he has a faithful wife, Mercedes (Gloria Peralta), four children: Emilio (Daniel Elbittar), Aurora (Ana Belena), Paloma (Josette Vidal) and Leonardo (Héctor Medina); It has its splendid vineyards, but above all, it owns its bodega of strong and powerful wines, just like him.

Natalia Martínez de Montiel (Carolina Gómez) was born in the great vineyards of Napa, and grew picking grapes next to her parents, Joaquín (Rubén Morales) and Emilia Martínez, humble braceros who fought to give her a better future in this new land and, thanks to them, she was able to achieve a career university. She married Paco Montiel (Miguel de Miguel), an educated and good man, who supported her in her dreams of becoming a winemaker and today is still planted with expansion plans. He had only one son, Luis Montiel (Gabriel Rossi), married to Anita Carmona (Estefany Oliveira), and a winemaker, like his father. In addition, she had to raise the eldest son of her husband, the problematic Juan José Montiel (Lambda García).

Los Castañeda and Los Montiel have a friendship of years. Joaquín Martínez (Rubén Morales) helped Crisanto (Antonio de la Vega) buy his first land, and Crisanto, many years later, lent the money to Los Montiel to open their small cellar. The harmony of the relationship ends with the death of Emilio (Daniel Elbittar), the eldest son of Crisanto, in a car accident caused by the imprudence of his best friend, Juanjo Montiel (Lambda García), the son of Paco (Miguel de Miguel). From that family tragedy, a war between families and wineries is established.

Because Crisanto, taken by the pain and the rage for his loss, puts a demand that aggravates the sentence of unintentional homicide of Juan José, Juanjo lasts a year and a half to jail, and terminates his relationship with Aurora (Ana Belena) the daughter of Crisanto. But in the midst of hatred, love underlies: Juanjo's love for Aurora, who is now married with Roberto (Santiago Ramundo). There is also a passionate love between Paco, Natalia's husband, for Paloma (Josette Vidal), the youngest daughter of the Castañeda.

This relationship ends up aggravating the continuous fights and traps that are inflicted Natalia and Crisanto. And at the height of this enmity, there is a murder, which will put the two families in check, since many had reasons to commit it. Added to the suspense created by the murder, each of the members in both families will have to fight against their own and particular demons until they are defeated.



  • Title: Sangre de mi tierra
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2017
  • Chapters: 59
  • Format: Xvid Dvd
  • Approximate: 8 Dvd
  • Subtitles: No

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