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Amar sin Límites (English: Limitless Love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa in 2006.Starring Karyme Lozano and Valentino Lanús starred as protagonists, while René Strickler, Sabine Moussier, Alma Muriel and Mónika Sánchez starred as antagonists.

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Diego Morán works as a salesman in a men's clothing house and carries the trade of tailor in blood. Diego lived with Valeria, a woman with whom he did not find a way to build his life project. Valeria left him taking the few things of value that they had, the savings that he used to buy a car and the money that Diego gave him for the rent of the apartment. Upon being thrown out of the house, ruined and disillusioned, Diego temporarily returns to his parents' house, where he is not received as well as he expected.

Not only abandoned, but also cheated by his last partner, Diego takes refuge in his family, especially his grandfather, with whom he has a great affinity. Also his friends Isela and Paco help him overcome his sentimental failure. Shortly after his return to his parents' house, Diego meets Azul Toscano, whom he falls in love with. But she is already engaged and is going to marry Mauricio Duarte, a successful businessman, but whose success hides several shady deals.

Diego and Azul have several approaches and a great attraction is born between them, but due to different circumstances, each one follows their path and they believe that they will never see each other again. Diego becomes a close friend of Silvana Lombardo, a woman who lost a young son two years ago. Since that tragedy occurred, nothing and no one has been able to make her give up the idea that Mauricio is responsible for that death. Silvana finds no consolation for her pain and decides to kill Mauricio. Diego learns of her intentions and, by preventing her from committing this crime, ends up saving Mauricio's life. From then on, Mauricio wants Diego to work for him, considering him almost as a good luck charm. Accustomed to achieving what is proposed, it does not stop until it is achieved. It is only at the moment that Diego accepts that job and enters the house of Mauricio, who learns that Azul, the woman he has loved most in life, is the wife of the man who is now his boss and on whom he depends. economically.

At first, Diego does not see anything suspicious in the professional activities of Mauricio, although he does not like to have to work for the man who snatched him from the most important person in his life. However, he accepts with resignation that he lost her, convinced that she preferred Mauricio because he found in him qualities and advantages that Diego could not offer him. Diego, little by little, will realize with concern, the true purpose of Mauricio's business and his shady dealings with influential groups. Upon learning that Azul's husband is really an unscrupulous individual, capable of acts of cruelty and immorality without limits, it will cost Diego dearly. When he tries to leave, to denounce all the crimes that are committed in that place and to be able to save Blue, he understands that he will not be able to get out of there; at least alive.

In addition, Diego will not dare to leave Azul alone in the midst of a danger, which she still does not perceive. Azul does not know who Mauricio really is, and also his father, Alfredo Toscano, is a prestigious scientist whom Mauricio was hiring before he met Azul and whom she convinced to work for him. Mauricio needs the scientific knowledge of Alfredo to carry out one of his most dishonest and ambitious plans. Diego will face the dilemma of surrendering to that reality that he had to live, or fight with determination and courage to save the woman he loves, even within the same hell in which they are trapped.


  • Isaura Espinoza - Isela
  • Lourdes Munguía - Emilia
  • Socorro Bonilla - Gloria Provenzano
  • Luis Bayardo - Don Jesús "Chucho" Rivera
  • Diana Golden - Inés Menzur
  • Juan Carlos Serrán - Aníbal Menéndez
  • Marco Muñoz - Manuel Morán
  • Eduardo Liñán - Román Pérez Castelar
  • Luis Xavier - Julio Corso
  • Arsenio Campos - Leandro Burgay
  • Jaime Lozano - Efraín García
  • Alejandro Ruiz - Gustavo "Tavo" Lara
  • Patsy - Liliana de Duarte
  • Carmen Becerra - Lidia Morán Huerta
  • Manuela Ímaz - Cecilia Galindo
  • Jorge de Silva - Arnaldo Toscano

  • Title: Amar sin límites
  • Country: Mexico
  • Year: 2006
  • Chapters: 125
  • Format: Xvid Dvd
  • Approximate: 14 Dvd
  • File size on harddisk: 57,7 GB
  • Subtitles: No

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