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5 reasons to buy a external harddrive.

1. Storage

You will never lose a dvd or have a damaged dvd. All episodes of you favorite telenovela neatly in follow orden in one place at point of your fingertips..

2. Transport

Its easy to to take with you becouse of its size and weight. And is easy to connect on almost each tv (provided a usb connection is availible) or through you media player supplied with the free usb cable.

3. Duplicate

Share your telenovelas with you friends or family. Its easy just conect your external harddrive to your  pc. And now you will  be able to make copies of your favoret telenovelas and give them as a gift

4. Multi-use

Your external harddrive can be used several times. If you have seen everything then you simply send your external harddrive back. And we suppley you with new telenovelas (at payment). So this way you can enjoy again hours and hours of your favorites telenovelas.

5. Discount

And not unimportant is your advantage because now pay only half of the store values for each telenovela .So there is you benefit!

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